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Secret Mezzanine

December 4, 2018

Secret Mezzanine is an alternative rock band. Secret Mezzanine started originally as an acoustic guitar ukulele duo of Robert Greene and Cai Caudill. Though with the additions of Jacob Sherfield and Garrett Spoelhof, they have evolved into a full rock band writing and playing originals, and covering alternative rock and classic rock through contemporary and folk. They have two EPs "Passing Dreams" and "Ash to Ash." This experienced band has been together since 2013 and has had over 170 performances-- this band is a true Bloomington favorite.

Featured Music:

"Ripped Away" @ 0:13

"Armchair" @ 6:37

"Only This But Something More" @ 10:33

"Ash to Ash" @ 15:47