Kacie Swierk

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Kacie Swierk

April 11, 2019

Kacie Swierk is a musician and storyteller based in Chicago, IL. Her sophomore album, Hummingbird, is set to release in June, led by three singles (Seattle, June 2018, Midwest Dreams, July 2018, and Strong One, November 2018).

With an emphasis on lyricism and storytelling as its thread, Swierk’s style floats somewhere between Alternative Folk, Americana, Indie and Singer/Songwriter. Her nine-piece band is showcased on her upcoming album, and in select live performances. Though for this performance, she is joined by friends and fellow musicians in the Tiny Dorm.

Featured Music:

"Fragile Line" @ 0:00

"Midwest Dreams" @ 4:00

"Six-Letter Word" @ 8:57